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For the past eleven years L.I. Adventures LLC has been promoting a respect for nature. Through our Kayak Explorer Camps and our hiking, kayaking and science programs our intent has always been to introduce the public, especially our children, to the natural world that is our heritage. A legacy that is our obligation to hand down to those who will take our place.

Although we intend continuing with past successes, we're expanding our dialog with everyone through the visual art of digital and fine art photography. Our vision is quite simple really. It's to instill in others an understanding of the fragile nature of our world, our country, our island, and how easily what we take for granted can be lost to our children, forgotten, and ultimately destroyed by those with a different vision - or no vision at all.
While going forward we intend continuing to provide homes for honeybees, tap maple trees, grow things, make things, explore, and observe nature unobtrusively, taking only photos and leaving only footprints.